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Calming Trends

Mobile Massage Therapy Atlanta

(404) 334-7115

Mobile Massage Therapy Atlanta

(404) 334-7115

Calming Trends offers massage therapy at your door. Click below to view the many different massage therapy options we provide.

Mobile Massage Therapy Atlanta

* Please note that hotel visits and distances over 20 miles are starting at $125.


Trigger Point Therapy $80 One Hour

Included in One Hour Massage

Acupressure Therapy $80 One Hour

Included in One Hour Massage

Young african-american woman getting spa treatment with hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage $90 One Hour

Shirtless Young African Man Getting Spa Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage $80 One Hour


Lymph Drainage Massage Therapy $90 One Hour


Myofascial Release $80 One Hour

Included in One Hour Massage


Positional Release

Included in One Hour Massage

Post Natal

Post-Natal Massage $90 One Hour Massage


Pre-Natal Massage $90 One Hour



Included in One Hour Massage


Sports Massage $90 One Hour

young black woman getting a back massage

Swedish Massage $80 One Hour

Woman Lying On Front Receiving Cupping Treatment On Back

Cupping $90 One Hour

Young woman getting massage in chair in therapy room

Onsite/Corporate Chair Massage $90 One Hour

Calming Trends

Mobile Massage Therapy Atlanta

Mobile Massage Therapy Atlanta

A Medicinal Touch is skilled in many different types of massage. Ms. Carol Thomas leads the team amazing massage therapists right here in Atlanta.


Massage At Your Door

A Medicinal Touch, mobile massage therapists come right to your door. Feel the benefits of an experienced mobile massage therapist in your own home.

Traveling Massage Therapis

That’s right! We travel to you. Our highly skilled massage therapists are mobile the Atlanta area.

Massage Therapy In Atlanta

Give us a call today. You won’t find a better value when seeking an experienced mobile massage therapist.


Calming Trends

Ms. Carol Thomas is the founder of both

A Medicinal Touch Inc. and it’s sister company Calming Trends Inc.

Ms. Thomas gave birth to Calming Trends in September 1998 after graduating from Capelli’s Learning Center School of Massage, (Buckhead) Atlanta Georgia. Ms. Thomas feels that the benefits of massages are both physical and psychological. As a licensed massage therapist in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Nuat Thai Massage, Ms. Thomas feel that these specialized skills will lead each of her client to her mantra “A positive direction towards your natural being.”

In 2020 Ms. Thomas started A Medicinal Touch. A non profit massage therapy company to help those in need.

Carol was born in North Carolina and reared in Brooklyn, New York. She is the third of five children. As a mobile massage therapist in Atlanta, Ms. Thomas is very familiar with taking care of the needs of others. After the untimely death of her mother, Ms. Thomas assumed the responsibility of “mother” of her other siblings. Throughout the years of serving her family, it would be years before Carol realized her true calling of being a natural caregiver, nurturer, supporter, and healer.

Ms. Thomas is a devote Christian. When asked who she believes she is, Carol reply, “The true nature of who I am is difficult to sum up in one or two words.” However, she uses the adjective MOVE – Motivated, Outgoing, Victorious, and Energetic — to best describe her deep spiritual base and everlasting faith in the Lord. Ms. Thomas personal and career growth stems from her work and involvement in helping others in her church and community. Carol is very active in the various ministries of her church such as Health Ministry, Ace Ministry and 1st Timothy 5:2..

While Ms. Thomas has been blessed to take on the role and responsibility of “mother” to her siblings, she has been blessed even more to be the mother of two children; yet greater, the grandmother of five. She enjoys the laughter and energy that her own children and grandchildren have brought into her life.

Carol’s experiences of being the caregiver to her siblings coupled with her strong Christian values are the keys that unlocked her potential and ability as a healer and a mobile massage therapist in Atlanta, Ms. Thomas recognized the strength and connection of the mind, body, and spiritual long before it was “envogue.”

Compassionate, nurturing, spiritual, responsible, sensitive, caring, loving, and proactive, are just a few adjectives that accurately describe Ms. Thomas. Her heart-felt commitment to helping others keeps her calm, humble, and grounded. Carol makes a conscious effort each day to live by her mantra “A positive direction towards your natural being.”

Ms. Thomas has a diverse background in customer service, office management, and event planning. The skills she acquired helps her to provide skilled mobile massage therapy in Atlanta. Some of Carol’s hobbies include volunteering with her church and community organizations, traveling, reading, and fitness training. Ms. Thomas’s future goals include starting a wellness center and later a non-profit organization that would provide massage therapy to aid in the provision of a healthier lifestyle to the Least, the Last, and the Lost.